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Modern Facilities at DTU


In addition to a focus on improving educational quality with a highly qualified lecturing corps and standardized curricula, investing in the development of its infrastructure is one of the factors that determine the success of a university. Wishing to create an interesting study environment and instilling the startup spirit in students, Duy Tan University has built modern and outstanding infrastructure and facilities right in the heart of Central Vietnam.

International Collaboration Activities


Resolving its strategic objective of international collaboration, DTU has partnered with more than fifty universities worldwide, participated in many well-known international organizations and expand relationships with big international enterprises operating in Viet Nam. These lay a sound foundation for DTU to gain more and more impressive achievements in education and research.

DTU Education


Resolving to realize five strategic goals: “teaching English to faculty and staff, computerization, professionalism, internationalization and the energization of top management and faculty”, DTU has gained significant achievements in education and research, enhanced the quality of education and broadened educational opportunities for students so as to produce more knowledgeable and skilled graduates.

DTU Ranked among Asia’s Top 500 Universities by Quacquarelli Symonds


Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a UK-based company specializing in education and overseas studies, has just published its 2019-2020 rankings of Asia's top 500 educational institutions, which now includes Duy Tan University, the first & largest private university in Central Vietnam...

Research at DTU


DTU has endeavored to link education and research in its mission to become a large, modern and reputable university. With noteworthy achievements in every field, DTU’s reputation for research has soared due to its many well-cited papers published in prestigious international journals. The Institute for Research and Development was established as an upgrade of the Center for Research and Development in August 2011 and has since been transforming its research and training activities.

The DTU Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education & Research


On August 31st 2019, Duy Tan University opened its Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education & Research. The new Institute, including two faculties: the Faculty of International Hospitality Management and The Faculty of International Travel Management, provides Bachelor degree courses in Tourism and Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel Management...

An Exchange with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore


On November 6, DTU held a cultural exchange with students from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, to broaden cooperation and exchanges between the two universities and give DTU students a chance to perfect their English and learn more about another ASEAN country...

Great Partners


A critical trend in universities today is to educate students according to market demand, offering enormous benefits to both DTU and business alike. Companies are now insisting that DTU should educate professionals who meet their requirements and, at the same time, benefit from learning about practical problem-solving, business development, inventions, consulting services and so on. This will continue to enhance DTU’s reputation, attract more qualified staff and satisfy future company requests.

Doctoral degree programs at DTU


In 2013, DTU became the first and the only private university to be authorized to offer Ph.D. courses in Business Administration and Computer Science. DTU is now offering a Doctoral program in Accountancy to meet increasing demands in the Central Region.

Research areas at DTU


The DTU team of researchers, who are professors, PhDs, or Masters graduated from famous universities in Vietnam and abroad, work on a great many lines of research in the fields of natural and social sciences which the international research community is particularly interested in.

Passage to ASEAN


P2A has agreed upon English as its common language, to gradually understand the various educational programs and diplomas offered in each country, to facilitate the mobility of the ASEAN workforce and provide better career opportunities for graduates.

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was founded in 2007. The faculty has always followed its educational objectives for the good of its students’ studies and their careers.

Leaning Express


Initiated in 2011 at Singapore Polytechnic, Learning Express is one of the most practical programs for educational development and integration. DTU and others have favorably recognized its practical advantages, the sharing of technology, the increase in public awareness, the broadening of cultural exchanges and connections to colleagues in the ASEAN region.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering


The DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering first enrolled students in June 1997. Over the past twenty years, it has offered 90 courses with over 8,000 students in undergraduate and graduate Civil and Industrial Engineering, undergraduate Bridge and Road Construction and professional Civil Engineering.

The Faculty of Architecture


The DTU Faculty of Architecture was authorized to enroll the first students in 2012 and offers three majors, in Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design, so that graduates can start working with skilled engineers on attractive new construction projects around the country. The University has invested in facilities and worked to improve the quality and quantity of its staff to meet the increasing demand and enhance the quality of education in Architecture.

DTU Laboratories


In addition to attracting a large number of qualified researchers who are professors and PhDs graduated from famous universities around the world, DTU has also invested in the building of infrastructure to boost schoolwide scientific research

International Students at Duy Tan University


By developing several student exchange programs and cooperative research projects, foreign students can now study at DTU and experience life in Vietnam at the same time. This also helps to promote Vietnam and its people internationally.



Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international universities


To further enhance quality of education to adapt to evolving social requirements, DTU has consistently improved its partnerships with well-known educational institutions and businesses, national and worldwide. The long-lasting relationships with “great partners” from Vietnam, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Canada and others will support DTU to record great achievements in the near future.

Undergraduate Education at DTU


Since its foundation, DTU has followed the edict “We Do Everything for Student Rights and Future Careers” to improve the quality of education and continuously offered more majors to respond to local demand.

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General Overview

General Overview

Duy Tan University is located in the heart of sunny Danang, on the Pacific Ocean. The university has steadily developed, sharing its ...

Research at DTU

Research at DTU

DTU has endeavored to link education and research in its mission to become a large, modern and reputable university. With noteworthy ...

The DTU Faculty Teams

Dedicated for 24 years to providing high quality education to the community, DTU has continually increased the quantity and quality of its ...

South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

Officially opened in January 2011, this is the largest Duy Tan University campus, with an area of 33.977 sq.meters. The campus is about 1.5 ...

Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international universities

Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international ...

To further enhance quality of education to adapt to evolving social requirements, DTU has consistently improved its partnerships with ...

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