The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences was founded on 1st October 2007 with decision No. 1184/QĐ-ĐHDT. Its predecessor was the academic subject of Basic Sciences - founded together with the University itself. The Faculty takes care of the modules Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology in the University curriculum.
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Lecturers and staff of the DTU Faculty of Natural Sciences

It currently counts three academic group units (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) with 25 members. Its managing staff consists of one Dean and three Subject Heads. It has the peculiarity of not directly managing students, but it organizes the management of natural science lecturing for all educational disciplines of the University.
Until 2003, the Faculty’s lecturers only held bachelor’s degrees – by now, 100% hold Masters and six of them are working as research students (five domestically and one abroad).
Apart from scientific research, the Faculty also annually organizes Mathematics and Physics Olympiads to practice for participation in the National Mathematics and Physics Olympiads organized by the Vietnam Mathematical and Physical Societies. Even though the University has no gifted students in Mathematics and Physics, a number of its students still attained high achievements in the contests (First Prize at the 2013 Mathematics Olympiad).
The team of staff and personnel striving to the utmost for more than 20 years has given rise to a developmental foundation consisting of three basic elements: staff, educational quality, and good results in scientific research and technology transfer. This foundation will be an important jumping board for the Faculty’s further development and integration.


  • Year of founding: 1995

    Address: Room 707, DTU Faculty of Natural Sciences, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 707)



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