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DTU Enrolls General Practitioners in Central Region

Medical doctors are greatly respected for their vital role in looking after patients in their homes and communities.  The DTU General Practitioner major is attracting increasing interest in 2019. Come to DTU to learn more and make your dream come true.




The GP major teaches the basics of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Fundamental Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Anatomy, Embryonics, Pathophysiology, Immunology, Epidemiology and Pharmacology, together with in-depth studies of Psychiatric Pediatrics, Tuberculosis and Lung disease, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Cancer, Neurosurgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Clinical Medicine and Hematology. Students intern in local medical centers, learn how to treat patients at home, on-going community health care and prevention and medical services management, while participating in education, research and communication activities.


DTU has agreements with 18 local hospitals, including the Daning Hospital, the Daning C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, Hospital 199 of the Ministry of Public Security, the Quang Nam Central General Hospital, the Family Hospital and others to provide practical internship experience.  


Training program


Students will complete 267 credits, excluding Physical Education and National Defense Education, in: 

+ General knowledge: 32 credits

+ Health: 34 credits

+ Health Sciences: 16 credits 

+Group work: 28 credits

*Compulsory: 26 credits

* Optional: 2 credits


+ Specialty area: 96 credits

 * Compulsory: 87 credits

* Optional: 9 credits

+ Internship and graduation thesis: 11 credits

- Internship: 2 credits

- Graduation thesis: 9 credits


Ways to Enroll


  1. Direct enrollment


  • Based on 2019 MoET admission procedures
  • Based on university policy to applicants:


*  graduated from a high school for the gifted managed by a direct-controlled municipality or province with “excellent” grades,

* graduated high school with “excellent” grades and have 12th-grade three-subject result plus regional and specific preferential points (if applicable) of 24 points or higher,

* won consolation prizes at a national-level olympiad or science and technology contest or a consolation, first, second, or third prize at a province or direct-controlled municipality-level olympiad or science and technology contest, with High School Transcript three-subject  score of 18 points or higher. 


  1. Based on High School Graduation Exam scores.


Career prospects


  • Graduates will work in hospitals, medical centers, medical training centers, research institutes, or as health sector regulators, in governmental and other organizations.
  • Treatment centers: doctors involved in treatment and management in public and private hospitals.
  • Training centers: lecturers in universities, colleges, vocational schools and education management.
  • Research institutes: specialists in Health Sciences, Medicine and Medical Technology.
  • Management agencies: specialists in medical management, staff in governmental and other organizations.


In 2019, DTU will award the following scholarships to qualified General Practitioner applicants:


  • DTU scholarships: Worth 5 million dong each for first year GP students who have won consolation prizes at National Excellent Student contests or at National Science & Technology contests.
  • DTU scholarships: 720 scholarships, with total value of 1 billion dong, for applicants with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score at least three points higher than the admissions minimum.







Major code

Minor code


High School Graduation Exam Grade

High School Transcript

(12th-grade results)

General Practitioner 





1. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature (A16)

2. Maths, Chemistry, Biology (B00)

3. Maths, Natural Sciences, English (D90)

4. Maths, Biology, English (D08)

No admission


For detailed information, please contact the DTU Enrollment Center

254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

Hotlines: 1900.2252 - 0905.294390 - 0905.294391



Academic Programs


  • Year of founding: 2013

    Address: Room 216, DTU Faculty of Medicine, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 216)



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