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DTU Offers Doctor of Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programs

A lack of healthcare affects social development, especially in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands.  Due to the medical workforce not meeting popular demand, the Ministry of Education and Training, with the approval of the Agency of Science, Technology and Training (Ministry of Health), authorized DTU to offer a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree course, which was reviewed by the Military Medical Academy. Another major, in Odontoid-Stomatology, was approved in 2018.


Doctor of Medicine  


In Vietnam, by 2020, at least 8 physicians will be available for every 10,000 of the population. However, the number is much lower in the Central Region, with only 5. This shortage of healthcare workers in the provinces has led to patients converging on big cities, overwhelming the hospitals there. 

ĐH Duy Tân hợp tác với nhiều đại học và bệnh viện trong và ngoài nước để đào tạo các ngành Y - Dược

DTU partners locally and internationally to improve health science education


DTU has become well-known for its Doctor of Medicine education because of the steadily increasing quality and quantity of lecturers and teaching facilities. The university first offered a Bachelor of Nursing degree program in 2009 and Pharmacology in 2012. The DTU Health Sciences program is now attracting more applicants with high entry scores of up to 24.5/30 in 2014.


Local healthcare workers come to DTU for further training courses in Nursing and Pharmacology. In October 2014, a graduation thesis entitled “Inserting a Port-A-Cath, by Ms. Truong Thi Mai, a DTU student of Nursing, was selected for presentation at the 17th National Conference on Cancer Control.  


In 2013, DTU drew up plans to offer a Doctor of Medicine degree program, beginning in 2015-2016. The Faculty of Medicine is now staffed by a team of 4 professors, 9 associate professors, 14 PhDs and 38 Masters, all of whom graduated from well-known universities. DTU shares programs the University of Illinois in Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh, which has the most comprehensive Health Sciences program in the world. MD students at DTU can now study advanced education curricula and practice in local hospitals and throughout Vietnam to meet national requirements.


Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, said: According to statistics from the Danang Department of Health, the city currently lacks five hundred doctors in its hospitals, health centers, and clinics. This is why the training of highly qualified doctors is vital to fill the gap in public medical treatment and prevention. This year, DTU will develop some new ways of interviewing and selecting motivated candidates and their first year will be dedicated mostly to learning English. Because of the importance of improving health and lives, DTU is especially aware of the requirement for continuous self-development and improvement in the training of doctors with the hearts and minds to serve our country”.


* Dentistry


In 2018, DTU was authorized to offer a new major, ten years after the MD, Nursing, and Pharmacology programs began. It added the Odontoid-Stomatology major, using its previous experience developing modern facilities, laboratories and the latest state-of-the-art equipment manufactured in Vietnam and overseas.

Ngành học mới tại Đại học Duy Tân

DTU uses 3D Virtual Reality Technology software in health science courses and research


DTU Health Science students are trained in customized laboratories by an expert team of lecturers, consisting of ten level 1 and 2 specialists, three professors, nine associate professors, fifteen PhDs, two PhD students and twenty-seven Masters.

Một số phòng thí nghiệm và thực hành Y-Dược tại Đại học Duy Tân

DTU Health Science students train in standardized laboratories


The standard DTU Dentistry major topics range from basic to advanced levels in:


• Structural function and human mastication.

• Disease prevention, treatment and odontoid-stomatology research.

• Diagnosis and treatment of common odontoid-stomatology diseases, such as tooth decay, periodontitis and dental infections.

• Treatment of odontoid-stomatology emergencies, such as bleeding after tooth extraction, dental pulpitis and jaw fractures, facial trauma and infection.

• Blending traditional and modern medicines to prevent and treat odontoid-stomatology issues.


As the country develops and quality of life improves, there is a rapidly increasing demand for health care and oral hygiene. The programs can only be developed slowly, as they require precise preparation, focusing on practical work and depending very much on the quality of lecturers and facilities. Taking this into account, DTU is only initially enrolling between fifty to seventy students a year to deliver the proper in-depth training. The university is committed to graduating only the best odontoid-stemmatologists to fully satisfy their patients special requirements.

Academic Programs


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